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APA 7th edition - Reference guide: Patents

Reference guide for APA 7th edition, a guide intended for students at the Univesity of Fort Hare to learn how format references according to the APA 7th edition style.



The instructions on this page are valid for references to patents from all different patent issuers. 


Inventor, A. A. (YYYY). Title of patent (Patent #). Patent issuer. 


In-text references  

(Nodine, 2019)

(Andersson et al., 2018)                                                    

Nodine (2019) describe...

The method of analysis developed by Andersson et al. (2018)...

Reference list

Andersson, M., Hulander, M., & Sundell, G. (2018). A method for analyzing the 3d structure of biomolecules (Patent SE 540570). Swedish Patent and Registration Office.

Nodine, M. D. (2019). Novel spike-in oligonucleotides for normalization of sequence data (Patent EP 3354746). European Patent Office.